Pizza Delivery in Raleigh

Are you hungry for DeMo’s Pizzeria & Deli but don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your home or office?  Well if you’re inside the belt line, then there’s a good chance that we’ve got you covered.  We offer delivery to anyone within a 5 mile radius of our restaurant on Glenwood South.  The order minimum requirements vary depending on how far away you exactly are from our establishment.  The order minimum for 0-3 miles is $10-$15, and up to $25 if you are 3-5 miles.  We will however tailor an order to your needs if you are outside the 5 mile radius and still want DeMo’s for delivery.  Just give us a call and provide us your address and we will let you know what the minimum order requirement is for your order.

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DeMo's Delivery Area Map